Office 365 Microsoft Phone System Call Queues

It has been a while since my last blog post I have been busy doing lots of deployments. So expect more post over the coming weeks.

This one will be a relativity quick one. Whilst working on a customer deployment for Microsoft Phone System fully in the cloud the customer wanted to setup some call queues and auto attendants which was great. All setup and away we go however on testing if anyone ever called the call queue all they just got was the music on hold and the people assigned to the queue never got the SfB notification.

So checking everything once , twice everything looked right but nope it still wasn’t working!

I sat back and looked at how the whole SfB was configured in the Cloud and noticed that the customer had closed their federation. So I added their own public domain to the allowed federation list and waited 15 minutes then BOOM it started working.

So point to note if anyone closes their federation ensure they add themselves as a federated domain in SfB Online!

Also another little nugget I found is the following site which allows users to manually opt out of a queue if they want to do so –

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