Connect a Shared Mailbox from O365 to Outlook via IMAP

Note – Updated 24/12/2020 – Based on feedback from Daniel and dejudicibus in the comments.

I recently was asked how to connect a shared mailbox via IMAP to an Outlook client now this isn’t standard behavior or common practice as only a licensed user should access a mailbox. Now I know there are many resources online and suggestions out there but I am aiming to clear this one up using an Outlook 2016 client which does work with Office 365!

First of all create a shared mailbox, in this instance we are using Then give full permissions as you normally would for a licensed account in this instance

  1. Open up the profile manager on Outlook
  2. Add a new profile, and give it a name
  3. Select “connect to a different account” in the bottom right hand corner
  4. Select “Manual setup or additional server types
  5. Select POP or IMAP
  6. Fill out the following information
    • Your Name – What ever you want
    • Email address –
    • Account Type – IMAP
    • Incoming mail server –
    • Outgoing mail server –
    • User name –\
    • Password – The password for
    • Tick the box for remember password
    • Select the more settings button
    • Under the Outgoing Server tab select “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and “Log on Using”
    • Enter and your password for this account and remeber password if you want
    • Select the Advanced tab
    • Under incoming server IMAP enter – 993 and SSL/TLS
    • Under Outgoing server (SMTP) enter – 587 and STARTTLS
    • Select Ok
  7. Then Next and the test should pass successfully and you are good to go which I have just tested and see below.

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