Mailbox fails to move with a 404 error no service listening

So I was moving some mailboxes the other day and had a batch of mailboxes and two of them in the batch wouldn’t move it showed errors similar to the following:

Error(s): The call to failed because no service was listening on the specified endpoint

Error details:
There was no endpoint listening at that could accept the message this is often cause by an incorrect address of soap action. The remote server returned an error 404 not found.

However all the other mailboxes would sync just not these two. After further digging I found that these mailboxes had recently been converted from user mailboxes to shared mailboxes.

What I then did was to compare the Exchange GUID to see if they matched from on premise which they didn’t!!!

So to fix this I ran the following:

On Premise Exchange Powershell

get-mailbox “mailboxname” | fl ExchangeGUID

Office 365 Exchange Online Powershell

Set-mailuser “mailboxname” -ExchangeGUID “Result from above command”

Then as if by magic the move kicked into life and migrated successfully.

My scenario is Exchange 2013 CU9 hybrid with the legacy as the same version, however there is reports of Exchange 2013 CU2 hybrid’s with same issue!

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