Office 365 Auto Attendant with Lync 2013 On Premise

In my previous post I discussed Unified Messaging for the Voicemail feature of Office 365 with Lync 2013 on premise now in this article I will discuss how to configure the auto attendant in the same scenario.

Within The New Office 365 portal (Wave 15)

Select Dial Plan in O365 tenant > under UM Auto Attendants click + and fill out the information you can enable this straight away or come back and enable later on.

auto attendant

Then select the new Attendant and set the following as per the currently deployed options or query with customer.



business hours



dialling author auto

Then with Lync 2013 on premise open PS and run the following command to create the account:

  • New-CsExUmContact –sipaddress -RegistrarPool “” -OU “OU=Blah,DC=yourcompany,dc=com” -DisplayNumber “+14255550101” -AutoAttendant $True
  • Grant-cshostedvoicemailpolicy –identity “post the GUID that has been created” –policyname CloudUM

Then within Exchange Online Powershell

  • Set-UMmailboxpolicy -identity “Policy Name in O365” -SourceForestPolicy “CloudUM”

Viola auto attendant should be ready to go. Bear in mind the settings show here are pretty much the defaults and can be changed as you choose.